Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hangover Cure

Twenty somethings seem to be the target audience of this advertisement. As the commercial repeatedly highlights, the steps to achieve a hangover cure are remarkable simple. In this case, one can either not drink at all (and, according to the images, be as lame as an old grandma or middle-aged milk-drinking woman) or one can simply take Chaser while you drink (and, consequently, your hangover will be avoided). With this commercial, in order to demonstrate the benefits of using Chaser, pictures of happy couples (which are presumably taken in the morning) are provided. In these pictures, the couples appear carefree and cheerful in every way. Clearly, using a product such as Chaser Freedom can only enhance the beauty of everyday life.

The underlying thread of this advertisement has to do with enjoying the perks of drinking alcohol without the consequences. The add is attempting to sell a product, Chaser Freedom, and I'm not really sure of its effectiveness. First and foremost, the integrity of the product is questionable, especially when the advertisement closes with the classic line "Please drink responsibly." Naturally, seeing as how the makers of this product depend on drinking irresponsibly, it's easy to question the sincerity of this remark. Second, as I experienced it, the ad is trying to be humorous, but only seems funny in an oxymoronic sense. The contradiction between the product and the final message of the advertisement is laughable.

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